LITME™ Smart Fiber


LITME™ smart fiber has caught the attention from both domestic and overseas market ever since its release. It has already been applied to great innovations in different industries including automotive Interiors, smart textile, information and electronics, home decoration, toys and accessories, etc., with great potential in other high-end applications.

Automotive Interiors
LITME™ smart fiber can work as sewing threads for logos, seats, safety belts, curtains, roof decoration, foot pads, etc., and other interior parts and lighting products. We’ve done tests with some well-known car brands. LITME™ smart fiber will be seen in some vehicle types next year or earlier 2023.

Smart textile
In textile industries, we are working with some of Chinese biggest sports brands, who are considering developing backpacks and shoes using LITME™. And we have other customers interested in applying LITME™ smart fiber to children’s wear, footwear and hats, costumes, high-end customized dresses and wedding dresses, sports and outdoor clothing, protective apparel, workwear and uniform

Information and electronics
Earphone cables, charging cables, woven watch bands, mobile shells and backboards, speaker box decoration, electronic fabric panels and other electronic decorations. For example, some have bought LITME™ smart fiber to produce watch bands and shells of mobile phone, one leading sound equipment company has also bought our products to develop shells of loud speaker box.

Home decoration
LITME™ smart fiber can also work as sewing threads for decorating curtains, carpets, wall covering, bags and cases, etc. It can also be applied to wearable devices for home medical equipment.

Toys and accessories
We are also working with our customers to apply LITME™ smart fiber to high-end toys, collectibles, arts and crafts, plush toys, pet accessories, etc.

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