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Product Center

  • Newstar® Spandex

    Newstar® Spandex

    Spandex, a polyurethane elastic fiber is composed of 85% polyurethane polymer chain segments. The main raw materials of it are PTMEG and MDI.
    Spandex is a segmented liner block copolymer having soft and hard molecular segments. The soft segments provides high elasticity while the hard segments acts as virtual cross links that tie all the polymer chains together

  • Newstar® Meta-aramid

    Newstar® Meta-aramid

    Meta-aramid is an aromatic polyamide fiber, the full name being polyisophthaloyl metaphenylene diamide fibre. It is known as PMIA in short.The main materials are IPC and MPD.

  • Taparan® Para-aramid

    Taparan® Para-aramid

    Para-aramid belongs to the aromatic polyamide family. The full name is poly (p-phenylene terephthalamide), abbreviated as PPTA or Aramid-II.The raw materials of para-aramid are TPC and PPD.Para-aramid is called one of the three high performance fibers in the world, with carbon fiber and high density high modulus polyethylene (HDPE) as the other two.

  • Tametar® Anti-static Fiber

    Tametar® Anti-static Fiber

    Anti-static fiber refers to the fiber with specific resistance below 107 Ω•cm in standard condition (20℃、65% relative humidity).Among regular chemical fiber , specific resistance of spandex is about 1015 Ω•cm, Polyester is about 1013 Ω•cm, acrylic fiber is about 1018 Ω•cm, ,Meta aramid is about 1013 Ω•cm. Because specific resistance is lower than normal fibers with short half-life period , so that anti-static fiber can eliminate static within shortest time.

  • Metastar® Aramid Paper
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