Newstar® Meta-aramid


NEWSTAR® meta-aramid is playing an irreplaceable role in a variety of different areas with its characteristics of heat stability, inherently flame resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and good textile properties integrated together.

Personal Protection
Taking the advantages of high temperature resistant and good spinning properties, NEWSTAR® meta-aramid has outstanding performance in the protective apparel area. With characteristics of no burning, no melting and no poisonous, clothing made from NEWSTAR® meta-aramid is widely used in metallurgy, construction, shipbuilding, petroleum, power, chemicals, forestry, firefighting and many other fields. It is the best material for protective clothing. According to different working environment, the protective uniform can be made from dope dyed fiber or easy dyeable raw white fiber. The dope dyed fiber is usually recommended to satisfy high standard applications like fire fighting worker and oil field worker suits. Different blends of meta-aramid with other fibers are also available for special requirements.

Environmental Protection
NEWSTAR® meta-aramid works in two forms in environmental protection sector. One is needle punched non-wovens and the other is woven filtration fabrics. The final products are widely used in the metallurgy, cement, road construction areas to satisfy high-temperature gas filtration need. Needle punched non-wovens are available with or without scrims or anti-static fiber according to different standards and requirements. In nowadays China, needle punched non-wovens are more popular.

METASTAR®Aramid Paper
METASTAR® Aramid Paper has excellent properties as high strength, low deformation, electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, corrosion and flame resistance. It is available in forms of insulation paper and structural materials paper.

Insulation Paper
NEWSTAR® meta-aramid paper has its insulation class at H (180℃) while its mechanical and electrical property can reach F-class (150 ℃) or H-class (180 ℃). Since meta-aramid paper has no deformation and no melting under high temperature, it can not only highly improve the overheating and overloading capacity of mechanical and electrical products, but also make them durable, lighter and smaller in size.

Main applications are insulation materials for transformers, electrical motors and power units. They exist in coils, winding layers, insulation materials between components, wires and fittings, motor and generator windings, slots, the interphases, interturns, and many others. It is also used in nuclear equipments. Representative products are dry-type transformers, traction motors, underground mine motor, microwave oven transformers and etc.

Honeycomb Core Material
Meta-aramid paper has compact structure, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, and high tensile strength and tear strength. These advantages make it an excellent material for paper honeycomb core material. This material exhibits excellent properties of light weight, impact resistance, high strength, low deformation, aging resistance and etc. It can be used for civilian aircrafts, high-speed trains, yacht’s floor, rudders, luggage rack, large wind turbine blades, and radome components.

Industrial Felt
The development of felting industrialization improves greatly the mechanical processing speed and efficiency, which calls for higher performance of the raw material fiber. With the inherent high temperature resistance and easy spinning property, NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fiber outstands to meet those requirements.

-High-temperature Conveyor Belt
NEWSTAR® meta-aramid can be needle punched into ring belts and sleeves to convey aluminum materials, cardboard materials in high-temperature work situations.

-High-speed Printing Blanket for Textile Use

The transfer printing blankets made of NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fiber are widely used in textile high-speed rotary screen printing machines which greatly improves the efficiency of printing equipments.

Other Areas
NEWSTAR ® meta-aramid fiber can be produced into spun laced fabrics for the linings of special protective clothing and for the insulation lays of electrical and electronic components. It can also be blended with some certain percentage of other fibers to be made into hot-rolled non-wovens for the maintenance photocopier components.

-Automotive Area
Scrims made of NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fiber can be composed with fluorine rubber into hoses for fuel gas delivery of big powered engines.

-Sound Dampers
NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fiber can be made into down-lead and damper fabric for ueses in computers, televisions, cars, amplifiers and other audios.

-Thermal insulating layer
NEWSTAR® meta-aramid can be made into spunlace nonwoven with application in thermal insulating layer for special protective apparel and electrical insulation.

-Copier cleaning
Blending with other fibers by a certain percentage, NEWSTAR ® meta-aramid can be used for cleaning of internal component for copier.
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