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Spandex is the only one in chemical fiber family which has no staple form but only filament form. It can either be  knitted with other chemical filament yarn directly, or spun with other fibers (like cotton, wool, linen, silk, polyester, nylon etc) into covering yarn, core spun yarn, or twisting yarn for applications like warp knitting, weft knitting and weaving.

Spandex’s big elongation and high elasticity can improve elasticity property of fabric, making the fabric stretched freely without feel of restriction. It can also improve the garments’ style ability, drop ability and anti-drape ability. It is widely used in traditional areas like underwear, socks, tights, sportswear, swimwear, lace and top grade suits, as well as some new merged areas like medical & hygiene textiles and automotive interiors. Spandex is a necessary textile raw material and is called “Textile monosodium”.

As a leading spandex maker in China, Yantai Spandex has enjoyed ever-lasting market popularity with NEWSTAR® for over twenty years since its initial operation. It is used widely in brand products such as Three Gun, Your Sun, Flyinghorse, Hodo,Younger ,Goldlion, MongNa, Langsha. The main overseas markets cover Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.

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