Tametar® Anti-static Fiber

Development Background

Anti-static fiber refers to the fiber with specific resistance below 107 Ω•cm in standard condition (20℃、65% relative humidity).

Among regular chemical fiber , specific resistance of spandex is about 1015 Ω•cm, Polyester is about 1013 Ω•cm, acrylic fiber is about 1018 Ω•cm, ,Meta aramid is about 1013 Ω•cm. Because specific resistance is lower than normal fibers with short half-life period , so that anti-static fiber can eliminate static within shortest time.

Tametar®anti-static fiber is carbon black fiber produced by special technology and made of Newstar®meta-aramid fiber. Tametar®anti-static fiber is innovative functional material combining meta-aramid property with excellent electrical conductivity.

Tametar®anti-static fiber has multiple fireproof and conductive properties. With comparison of regular conductive fiber, it does not burn, melt and produce toxic gas with properties of flame resistance, high temperature resistance and radiation resistance etc.

As excellent international achievement at functional fiber with Chinese differentiation,, Tametar®anti-static fiber has widespread application and development prospect.
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