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Technology innovation is an inexhaustible motive for the development of business. As a national high-tech enterprise, Yantai Spandex always take technology innovation as the most important development strategy, constantly improving technology innovation systems for super competitiveness.

We have a state-level Tech Center and a Shandong Meta-aramid Engineering Research Center, cultivating a group of researchers and engineers with solid professional knowledge and rich practical experience. They are of the first-class research strength in the field. The technology centers lead the technology innovation work of the company, covering many research areas, such as chemical fiber, polymers materials, dyeing and finishing engineering, mechanical manufacturing, automatic control, electrical automation, chemical engineering, and etc.

We adhere to the policy of integrating production, academic study and scientific research, and have established scientific organizational structure and management mechanism. There are technological exchanges and cooperation held constantly all year around with famous universities and institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Fudan University, East China University, Dalian University of Technology, as well as international companies like BASF Germany. Well-known experts are invited to work as technical consultants.

Each year, we invest at least 5% of the total sales revenue into research and development. In the meantime, we are active in seeking to national loans, government subsidies, and national fund awards for innovations. They contribute to enriching our technology innovation activities.
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