Tametar® Anti-static Fiber

1.Flame-resistant and anti-static blanket
Tametar® anti-static blanket has the characteristics of inherent flame resistance, eco-environment protection, anti-static electricity and comfort handle. It is helpful to escape during fire accident.

2.Touch screen gloves
Replacing traditional stainless steel conductive yarn, ,Tametar® anti-static touch screen gloves has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, soft handle , laundering durability and difficult to fall off etc.

3.Anti-static cashmere sweater
Tametar® anti-static fiber can be made into pure cashmere sweater. It can make wear more comfortable and does not melt and drip under high temperature without toxic gas and static.

4.Anti-static suit
The western-style suit made of Tametar® anti-static fiber has dust-proof, crease-proof and comfortable wear properties.

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